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Over one hundred years of print manufacturing is no small feat, and we are certainly thrilled with our accomplishments, but we are now looking to continue our growth into our second century as printers.

The P.A. Hutchison Company is proud of its history and has received industry acknowledgement through being an Inc. 5000 Honoree and Printing Impressions Top 200 Rankings. We are consistently ranked in the Top 50 GPO Suppliers.


P.A. Hutch ranked #14 in Book Business' Top 20 Book Manufacturers. We moved up 5 spots in just one year!!  Read the article here

We also added new equipment in 2016! In addition to our current web, digital, and sheetfed presses, we have added:

  • Kodak Prosper 1000 Plus Inkjet. This is the fastest monochromatic inkjet in the world! It can run up to 1,000 feet per minute!
  • Timson T48A Web Press. This 48 page signature press is heatset and our SECOND Timson press!


The next 100 years will just be a continuation of our growth! With these presses and the multitude of others that we have, our fully stocked bindery and prepress equipment, The P.A. Hutchison Company is more than supplied to fulfill all of your printing needs.

Celebrating One Hundred Years!

Chris Hutchison’s summary on The PA Hutchison Company’s past and present.

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